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Vintage Classic Car Signs for Car Shows

In the creation of each sign, Mike leverages his 30+ years of experience in marketing, marketing communications, product management, graphic design and video production to create the story behind the car. We go beyond just the car’s features and specifications. We feature information about what makes your car special. What is the story behind it? Why are you passionate about it?

To provide the story, we research each car and collect all the relevant information to create the story. We then articulate that story in terms that people non-versed in car language can easily understand and appreciate.

This is where Mike’s marketing communications experience comes into play. Taking large volumes of complex details and information and extracting the core aspects of the car then communicating that information in simple, easy to understand language.

We focus not on the “What” but on the “Why”.

Instead of describing:

 What are the features?” and What are the specifications?”

We describe:

Why is this car special?” and Why is this car important to the owner?”


With this methodology, we enable non-experts to understand the car in such a way that they can appreciate the importance of it. In short, our signs communicate what makes your car so special.


Once the story is created, the graphic design and artwork is created which incorporates full-color images of the car along with the story behind it. A proof of the sign’s artwork is sent to the owner for approval. Nothing goes to print until the customer is completely happy with the story and graphic design.

Following design approval, by the customer, the artwork is printed on durable, ¼” PVC to hold up to wind, rain, travel and display. A rugged aluminum easel stand is also included to hold and display the sign. The final result is a show sign whose design and content are unique to the car, the owner and their combined story.

Working with Mike has been a very pleasurable experience. He is attentive, conscientious and eager to learn about the cars themselves.

I think everyone will enjoy the process as much as I have.


Mike S. 

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