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1942 Chrysler Saratoga

Highlander Business Coupe


The Story

This car is a stunning example of pre-WWII, automotive history: a 1942 Chrysler Saratoga Highlander.


This car is significant because the American automotive industry was shut down, for making cars, from February 1942 to October 1945. Why? Due to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 the US entered into World War II and the Automotive factories were focused solely on making war machines and supplies. Given this there are very, very few 1942 and 1945 US cars and no 1943 or 1944 US automobiles.


This car depicted here made it off the assembly line before the shutdown. Every single mechanical component has been rebuilt to make this the last known surviving 1942 Chrysler Saratoga Highlander Business Coupe a shiny example of motoring mastery. The car can cruise at 85 MPH (137 KPH). 


Believed to be the last of its kind, this sturdy survivor sports the plaid and leather trim combination that would have put another emblem of distinction on it. This is believed to be the only 1942 Saratoga in existence with these awesome plaid seats. As if the chrome extravaganza on the exterior wouldn’t be a show-stopper, the car’s extreme proportions are a magnificent display of 1930s styling.

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